Newborn Sessions

Those first few weeks with a new baby are a mix of heart-bursting sleepy snuggles and bleary-eyed exhaustion. You’ve been told the sleep deprivation is worth it. You can’t go back in time to relive those special days, but we can create beautiful images that capture all the features you love about your newborn. We’ll work together to select poses, props and accessories that will make your baby the centerpiece of albums, wall canvases and prints.

Though we can do sessions with babies at any age, it’s best to do posed newborn sessions within the first 14 days when baby is still extra sleepy and squishy. Most pregnant moms contact me mid-pregnancy to secure their due date on my calendar. Then we’ll coordinate a specific date when baby arrives. If your baby is already older than 14 days, don’t fret! We can still get a gorgeous full gallery using natural posing and cozy wrapping.

newborn boy girl twins tucked in on a white backdrop holding blue and pink hearts
toddler sister with eyes closed holding sleeping baby brother on white fur
backlit newborn baby girl sleeping under a white blanket with arms over head
closeup of baby boy wearing white romper laying on side with hand under cheek
Mom wearing white dress holding boy girl twin newborns near a backlit white curtain
newborn baby girl in a white wrap sleeping in a white bowl on white fur
backlit baby boy laying on his back with wrinkly legs up in air and toes flexed
newborn girl smiling while sleeping wrapped in white fabric
backlit toddler sister kissing the head of baby brother wrapped in a white wrap on white beanbag
newborn baby girl backlit while sleeping curled up on white fur
mom with long dark hair standing holding newborn girl sleeping on her shoulder in front of white flowing curtains
newborn baby girl wrapped in white cloth laying on a white dough bowl surrounded by white fur
newborn baby boy smiling, laying on back on a white backdrop
newborn baby girl sleeping on a white fabric holding on to mom's fingers
closeup of newborn girl smiling while sleeping wrapped in white fabric
newborn baby girl wearing a white lace romper laying in a bucket with white fur holding a white felt heart
toddler girl sitting on white bed with newborn boy girl twin siblings
closeup of newborn baby girl yawning on a white blanket
newborn baby girl laying on side with hands under cheek on white flokati
newborn girl wrapped in white blanket sleeping on white fur
closeup of baby feet wrapped in white blankets holding a blue felt heart
newborn baby girl wrapped curled up with white stretch fabric on a white beanbag
Backlit white image of mom and dad touching noses with their newborn boy girl twins
overhead image of baby boy wearing white romper sleeping on white fabric
backlit mom and toddler sister counting the toes of baby brother laying on white beanbag
backlit newborn baby boy wearing white romper laying on his back on white beanbag
baby boy wrapped snuggly in white wrap on white fur
Boy girl newborn twins wrapped in white fabric in a double hammock pose
baby girl wrapped in white resting her head on hands in a white bucket on white flokati fur

How will you remember these moments?