Home Narrative- The Book Room

White built in bookshelves full of children's books in a turquoise room

It started as an art room…

While growing up, I had a dream to have a dedicated art room for my kids. One where they would have free range to all their art supplies in a contained location that could get messy but also provide easy cleanup. Now that I actually have kids, I realize I’m NOT a parent who really wants to clean up more mess (since I basically do that all day). That adjusted mindset, and the difficulty of finding space in a house to create the room with sinks, pretty much threw that idea out the window. (Don’t worry! They still have an art desk. A well organized, somewhat contained desk. A desk that daily looks like a tornado blew through it and confirms my hesitations on a full size room. But I digress…)

A special place…

So, when we moved to a house with an extra guest room, I knew I still wanted to create some sort of special space for my kids. Just one that aligned more with my “organized, calm and peaceful” mentality. When we designated a room with beautiful built ins and a window seat as this extra room, I knew immediately that it should become a children’s library.

The room has gone by several different names- “the library”, “the quiet room”, and we seem to have settled on “the book room.” That’s probably the most characterizing name since it does house the 10+ tubs of books I’ve accumulated from teaching and my children’s book addiction. However, that’s also where we keep puzzles, reusable stickers, audio books, and the light table (which is actually an old Xray film machine!).

How will you remember these moments?

You may be wondering how any of this relates to photography. Mostly, taking photos of this special room is just another way for me to document my family’s daily lives. And I want to encourage you to do the same. It’s now my goal to photograph all the rooms of our house with images both documenting the structure/details of the room as well as my kids interacting with the space.

When I think back to the houses I grew up in, my memories help me visualize what the rooms looked like. But I have very few photos to try and show my kids how I decorated my bedroom, or the kitchen table where we ate family dinners every night, or the playroom where I spent hours playing barbies, dolls, and Mario Brothers. I have even less photos that would show the homes of their grandparents or great grandparents.

Create a home narrative…

I want to give my kids photos of their childhood home that they can pass on to future generations. I’m challenging you to do the same. Think of it as your home narrative. Whether you hire a professional photographer to do an in-home lifestyle session or you walk around your house with your smartphone, promise me you’ll create visuals of their memories. Because we all know that memories fade with time.

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