Home Narrative-Parker’s Bedroom

wide angle view of young boy playing with Legos on his bedroom floor

Continuing the Home Narrative series…

The next room I decided to document for our family’s Home Narrative was my oldest son Parker’s bedroom. His space suits him perfectly and his eclectic mix of interests are always on display. In fact, they’re generally MUCH MORE on display (read: disaster tornado) but I took the photos shortly after a room cleaning day.

If you look closely at the photos, you’ll see some of his greatest passions are Legos, trucks, space, and drawing. And though he has loved these things for years (especially trucks…going strong 7 years now), I know in the grand scheme of time, these obsessions are fleeting. Time is ticking towards new styles, future trends, and a replacement of handheld toys with handheld electronics.

So, how will he remember these moments?

I hope he fondly remembers the hours he spends on this floor meticulously building new creations. I hope he recalls pondering over details as he writes and illustrates his own books. I hope he relives the cozy security he has as he curls in his bed to sleep each night. I hope he goes back to all these precious childhood moments as he looks at these images in future years. That’s the purpose of our home narrative.

How will you remember your moments?

I encourage you again to create your own home narrative. Start by documenting just one special room in your house. Maybe it’s a child’s bedroom that needs to be memorialized before redecorating as that child becomes a teenager. Maybe it’s the family room where everyone gathers on Fridays for movie night. Maybe you love to cook big family dinners and the kitchen is your personal masterpiece. Just be sure to start the process…one room at a time.

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