Milestone Sessions

In the blink of an eye, your baby has gone from a squishy newborn to a chubby cheeked crawler; from a curious toddler to an independent elementary schooler. Although the days sometimes seem neverending, the years pass so quickly. And the details of your child’s unique personality at each of these stages will begin to fade. How will you remember their dimpled hands, chubby thigh rolls, sassy pout and infectious smile?

These sessions are perfect for capturing your child as he/she grows. Generally, baby milestone sessions are scheduled around major motor achievements within the first year (3-4 month: lifts head, smiling…6-8 months: sitting, grabbing toes…9-10 months: crawling, assisted standing…12 months: unassisted standing, walking, first birthday). Although we celebrate and photograph many of baby’s milestones in the first year, don’t stop cherishing those firsts just because baby is beyond one year. You still want to remember those toddler giggles, back to school jitters, their love for a favorite stuffie, and the expressions that make your child one-of-a-kind.

baby girl wearing white dress sitting with her smash cake that has a glitter
young boy with big squinty smile at camera with arms crossed
baby girl wearing white dress smiling with arms in the air eating a smash cake
girl laying on white fur with hands under her chin smiling up at camera
closeup of a boy wearing white shirt on a white background smiling at camera
baby boy wearing white overalls sitting in a white bowl with lamb in a white studio
young boy laying on stomach on white fur smiling up at camera
1 year old girl wearing a white dress sitting with her smash cake with greenery hanging in the background
young girl wearing a white dress sitting on white fur leaning on a white crate
boy wearing white shirt with crossed arms smiling at camera in front of a white backdrop
4 year old boy laying on white fur with hands behind head smiling up at camera
baby girl sitting on a white doll bed in a white studio

How will you remember these moments?